How It Works

MAD Things

Creating a MAD Thing is a simple process. You decide what you want to do, a plan, a goal, a task, a date, a meet up, event etc… Whatever it is you want do do, no restrictions.

Then once you know that, lets start creating a MAD Thing.

my mad things need

11 options 8 of which include My MAD “W’s” of Life, indicating what you want to do, who with, how much and when, where why etc… The possibilities are endless. all “Things” must include a YouTube song link and a word of the day from a English dictionary.

MAD Requests

Creating a real meet date request for related MAD Things with members of the community which add a request date, timestamp and a UNIQUE ID. You will be able to view this members full profile at this stage before making your decision. Once created a group will be created with the ID provided so access will only be viewable to members with the group Unique ID, which you can provide to any registered or non registered member to join or participate into.

You can optionally then invite the member to your automatically created MAD group to further chat, discuss invite friends, hosts and Wing Things” to your connection.

6 simple details for a MAD Thing request. All of which are provided on your 2nd step. You will know what they are ideally looking and searching for along with the price. Once the member accepts your friendship requests you can then message and/or invite the member to your group (optionally). Friendship requests and groups automatically delete after 28 days.

MAD Members & Wing Things

my mad wing things

We dedicate our platform to your privacy and options. We also provide robust Wing Things options you can control and add friends to, request and/or suggest. We are flexible and understanding, we are dedicated and appreciate some things have a whole different meaning.

Which is why we always encourage your inputs. As such all accounts are FREE.

We provide a virtual phone number you can use to accept calls, messages and WhatsApp etc on. A private My MAD Life email address and group creation to all certified members. Complete privacy for this MAD World.

MAD Credits and Ranks

My MAD Credits and ranking system is in place, sort of like a credit rating but based on your platform actions such as visiting pages, creating things, accepting friendships or deleting things etc. plus and negative accordingly as ACTIONS have consequences.

So ranks are based on current balances of members, the more Things and positive actions taking on the Platform will be rewarded accordingly. Rewards are provided for our winners. Our main yearly rank is always on the 20th July

Our credit system relates to your life moments and on Things will be the credits costs.

MAD Restrictions

As a young start-up company, we primarily do not have any restrictions. We do have block and reporting features including a full in-depth activity monitor, including location and fraud monitoring for any unusual access for all members. We will act accordingly and adapt to each request made, however here are a few features and recommendations for using My MAD Platform and please also view our guidelines and policies.

Ultimately, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything and always treat others the same way you would want your Mum/Dad/Loved ones to be treated. Create YOUR MAD Life Moments and have fun, you now have a full community to support you.

my mad things idea