About My MAD Life

About My MAD

The ultimate creator for new memories, moments and adventures along the way. Your MAD Things are Our MAD Members who have the same interest as you, who ask for the company of another MAD Member with a Thing.

Creation Of My MAD Life

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My MAD Limited was developed for privacy, protection, personalities, and on the basis that all actions have consequences.

With MAD Credits and MAD Ratings along with a full social community and activity based suite of tools and verifications for all members you will be able to know a person better and get that MAD Gut Felling we all crave and should Trust

Are you tired of constantly repeating yourself and your wants, needs, suggestions and even your PERSONAL DETAILS to only be ghosted and feel like you wasted a whole lot of time?


The MAD Thought Process

MAD Matches are based on your gut instincts and wants. We show you all you need, you just need to make the move, no more waiting for the first message…. You make The MAD Move.

We provide a safe community socialising & dating platform where you are never alone if you don’t want to be with complete privacy and verified member options.



The MAD Growth Plan

We reward our members each and every month along with a yearly reward. Reaching our quad zillionaire challenge members will be rewarded with life credits, moments and memories along with a good rating (maybe). All members can invite friends, family and members to their own accounts as permanent friends and or Wing Things.

The MAD Privacy Promise

With our MAD Catfish and Privacy options, your details and our members details will always be safe, secure and you will always be incomplete control.