8 W’s for Dating, Relationships and a MAD Life

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What are the 8 W’s for Dating, Relationships and a MAD Life?

The 5 W’s of dating, relationships & life are most commonly known as:

  1. What
  2. Where
  3. When
  4. Why
  5. Who

Agreed? Sometimes the H, how, is throwing in for good measure.A common thought in many actions you take in your everyday lives, such as, What are you doing? Where are you going? Who are you with? When are you home? Why are you going? Who is that person? Simple, effective thinking process for all, especially while out or while dating or in a relationship right? Right… Wrong in fact, in general… these questions are not been asked enough!

Think about it, How often do you ask all 5 of these questions for real to your friend, and if so, when was the last time it was the truth? Some answer vaguely, some don’t give answers, others lie a little and those who do tell you all, are rare and far between. You never get all the answers you need, or atleast not in one sitting, take a few days or weeks.

My MAD Things are at the bottom but for now..

In general, we have dating apps, they have the locations, they have some basic details but really, they are not providing or protecting us with the solutions needed to date safely in todays MAD World. Such as REAL VERIFICATIONS, it is all automated with an image or video which can easily be manipulated or gamed. It is also well known that many of the dating platforms input fake accounts purposely, to look busy, does that indicate trust or misleading?Many members simply put basic details as they cannot be bothered to answer simple basic profile questions in fear of privacy maybe etc, then you have the repetitive monotone and somewhat outrageous messages some get, if not all at one stage. It’s a minefield.

It’s all they need it now but actually don’t know what they need kinda attitude, like asking your partner what they would like to order from the takeaway, you listing off a few “Things” and them still saying “oh you choose”… If I knew I wouldn’t be asking you and second you could have saved all this time if you just said that at the start of the list ticking session which has now made me feel less hungry! To many questions, so little time?

But what is the rush?

What are the answers to a better, safer, effective, more private way of dating online while getting all the answers you need about that person, including a glimpse of their personality or them as a person?

Are social dating apps doing the right thing by isolating and secluding connections access to just one another? I mean… isn’t the whole point of social dating about been social with others and not just individually? Which is effectively what is currently been done, then has it’s members been repetitive, having doubts, getting abused, and simply been left ALONE afterwards to deal with it!! Actions do have consequences, but not everywhere, not on on all platforms.

Let me break it down and round it up nicely for you MAD People

We date because we naturally crave human physical touchconnections and memories with other likeminded human beings and animals and “Things” you love but here is what is wrong currently with online dating in 2022 and beyond… (it’s not broken, it is growing but…)You are wasting time, negative energy and valuable life moments on dating apps because primarily you sign up, match, ask tons of questions, wonder who is going to ask who on a date first and find out where and when you are going to meet, and what are they going to be like IRL? That’s with me presuming you have asked why you are meeting and of course should know who, because the APP tells you so. Plus don’t forget the repetitive questions you’ve heard and answered numerous times before, WHY, OH WHY!

Well you MAD lot MAD People are still giving out their personal details, phone address, bank details and then getting ghosted, everywhere, and expect privacy or wonder why and when their identity/money/accounts has been stolen! It’s easier to open up a APP, create an account and find someone with money than it is to actually open a offline bank account or buy an airplane ticket with cash!

Did I mention the MAD CATFISH!

Which brings us nicely to My MAD, the place that adapts and grows to new “MAD Things”. A Community that invites you to start living your life the MAD Way with our 8 W’s and a S of Life! A process which has been construed, constructed and open for MAD Members as of today.

Real CATFISH Protection, with REAL Life Benefits for My MAD Verified Members.

A MAD Platform where “Things” matter and actions have consequences. A Place where we base all “Things” on SongsWord and Actions, actions have consequences and “Things” have incentives, rewards and ratings.A new platform for the new MAD World. A safe place for all to do the “Things” they want to. Are you ready for a MAD new World or still waiting for the 8 W’s and S of Life?

Fear not, I am a man of my word. My MAD 8 W’s and a S are:

  1. What
  2. Where
  3. When
  4. Why
  5. Who
  6. Want
  7. Wallet
  8. Word


  1. Song

and ofcourse, not forgetting how

So now that we have a MAD WorldA MAD Introduction and a MAD New Word set, why not go create some “Things” at My MAD Place, take some actions and be you. Have fun but most of all, have a MAD Good Day.

Gary, your MAD-Host

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These are My 8 W’s of My MAD Life, which is my new start-up for dating and relationships safely while doing “Things” you want to do.